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Writing This Summer

July 16, 2013

In this blog, I want to make two points about writing: (1) to apologize profusely about my lack of writing for this blog and (2) to tell you about the writing I’ve been doing related to my internship at The Heritage Foundation this summer.

First, let me say that I’m so sorry that I have been so bad at updating this blog. I honestly had no idea of how much would be going on this summer. In addition to my 9 to 5:30 internship, I have been attending a plethora of political and Yale-related events as well as spending time with the tons of Yale and Heritage intern friends who are in D.C. for the summer.

Speaking of folks in D.C., my parents came to D.C. this past Saturday and are leaving tomorrow. While my parents have been here, though, my mother has been telling me that I must do a better job with my blog, so I promised her I would. Look for me to update much more frequently during the four weeks I have left in the District.

While I haven’t been writing on this blog, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing at all. I have indeed been writing a good bit through my internship at The Heritage Foundation.

I have had the incredible opportunity to write pieces for Heritage’s blog, which is something not all the interns get to do. So far, I’ve written two pieces: one about Common Core implementation in North Carolina (Common Core is a super interesting topic; you should read more of what Heritage’s blog has to say about it.) and one about how the rapper Pitbull is in favor of charter schools.  The Pitbull blog got covered on the conservative website Townhall and was on the website’s home page on Sunday, which was cool.

I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in an op-ed writing workshop with one of Heritage’s writers. Twelve interns were chosen for the workshop in which we write an op-ed each week. In addition to feedback on our writing, we learn pointers on how to write good op-eds and how to get them published.

I have found the op-ed writing workshop incredibly interesting and helpful, not just because it has made me write a good bit but also because I’ve gotten to read the really interesting pieces the other students in the workshop have written.  I am considering writing more often for the Yale Daily News in the fall.

I have really enjoyed writing more this summer–even though I’ve failed miserably at writing more often for this blog. And I’ve enjoyed this summer in general. I look forward to sharing more details about my summer with you over the next few weeks.

Until the next blog, I’ll leave you with the motto that is on the walls of the elevators in The Heritage Foundation:


Signing off!!

Southern Belle at Yale

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  1. Penny Reinhardt permalink
    July 17, 2013 11:01 am

    Great job Elizabeth! Lucky girl you are for this summer of learning and fun in the heart and heat of our Capitol…..

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